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Karate is no longer illegal: Quebec has adopted a decree

Karate is no longer illegal: Quebec has adopted a decree

The Quebec government adopted a decree on Friday allowing karate competitions, which were made illegal after the sport was excluded from the 2024 Olympics.

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Karate is no longer an Olympic sport, it falls within the definition of an award competition under Article 83 of the Criminal Code. Thus, anyone involved in combat risks criminal charges. However, training was still possible.

With this decree, Quebec “comes to settle the situation” and allows the resumption of amateur karate competitions.

“The IOC’s decision to withdraw karate from the Olympic program for the 2024 Games has created a series of administrative and legal entanglements that the amateur athletes and their federation do not deserve,” said Minister Responsible for Sports, Recreation and Joe Blaine, Isabelle Charest. With specifying that this was a priority file.

In order to quickly solve the problem, Karate Quebec worked in coordination with the Department of Recreational and Sports Safety of the Ministry of Education.

“We can now look very much at the management framework for combat sports in Quebec,” Ms Charest added.

A management framework for all combat sports in Quebec will also be rolled out in the winter of 2023 following work in progress.

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