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WhatsApp is revising the entire voice call interface

WhatsApp is revising the entire voice call interface

WhatsApp keeps getting better with updates and this time, the voice calling interface will have just the right to a little facelift. As usual, WABeta Info has released the first visuals. This interface does not change much in appearance, but it will make life easier for users.

Before after. Credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp always welcomes updates in order to provide a better experience to the users. One of the next big news It will relate to the communication interface. This will be reviewed and not just to bring a different design, as it will aim to ease navigation and make group calls more visible.

As usual, this is WABetaInfo Who reveals the first pictures.

WhatsApp will have the right to a new interface

As you can see, the interface doesn’t change much compared to the old one (found on the left). So it will not be superfluous to find its signs. The buttons for managing a call are always at the bottom while the window for viewing your contact still takes up the entire screen. However, this is now achieved Square shape superimposed on a black background.

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The color of the window may change depending on whether the contact is online or not. WAB also specifies that this interface has been designed to make conference calls much easier to use. If there is no visual display associated here, we can imagine that each hub would have its own square. At the moment, we don’t know more. It should be noted that here, we have pictures from the iOS version from the app. One can easily imagine that the Android version will follow the same path and offer the same, perhaps with some subtleties in the design.

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At the moment, these new voice chats are not available, even in beta. We’ll have to wait a few weeks before we can take advantage of it if Meta sees this redesign as decisive. WhatsApp continues to improve over the months. The application regularly encounters small changes of this kind, such as Ability to listen to voice messages before sending them or Custom options for temporary messages.

source : WABetaInfo