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Overwatch is free during holidays

Overwatch is free during holidays

Players interested in the Overwatch experience will be able to enjoy a free trial on almost any platform during the holiday season. Good reason to stay at home!

Overwatch is currently offering a free trial that will run throughout the holiday season. The trial began yesterday and will end on January 2nd. Like previous free trials, players who have not yet purchased the game will have access to the full list of 32 heroes, 28 maps and all commonly available game modes.

Players who participate in the free trial will be able to progress through the game in the normal way, including leveling up, unlocking customization options, and getting loot while playing. Progress can then be maintained if players decide to purchase the game using the same account as during the free trial.

What platforms to play on?

The free trial will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. To access it on PC, players will need a account, Xbox game, Xbox Live Gold membership, PlayStation game, PlayStation Plus membership.

Winter Wonderland is currently in full swing in Overwatch, and it’s a great time to test the game in a holiday setting. The event will end on January 6th, giving you plenty of time to enjoy it.

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