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What you need to know before flying with Air Canada

What you need to know before flying with Air Canada

Not only is the company extending its wings to you, as it says, with great service, attractive prices and many other benefits, in fact your experience with it will remain an unforgettable moment.

In the aviation sector, like everything else, there are obvious disappointments. For various reasons, or sometimes just a bad sequence of circumstances, otherwise, we must also realize that, due to lack of information on our part or because we may not have chosen what best matches our expectations…

Today is a meeting with Canada’s national airline, Air Canada.

It is rivaled by Air Transat on the transatlantic route

There are national companies that, outside their borders, sometimes seem less well known or used than some more modest competitors from the same country.

This is somewhat similar to what is happening to Air Canada, whose group is one of the leaders in the world of aviation, transporting millions of passengers to the four corners of the planet every year for decades. Because Canada’s national carrier finds itself in significant competition on the transatlantic route and also towards a certain number of “sunny destinations” in the Americas by the more modest Air Transat. This is a company in Quebec that we know well here and that has found a large European audience when it comes to travel to La Belle Province (among other places). Perhaps it is natural that at a certain time the elder wanted (in vain) to accommodate the younger…

However, Air Canada could be attractive, especially as it recently offered a “train + plane” service in several European countries including France to pick up your flight. But not necessarily through its service or relationship that can be described as “honest and beyond” as is often the case with North American airlines, nor even with its transatlantic routes, but rather through its good domestic network and service to member states. United States of America.

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Even if there is competition with other airlines (in IATA language), with its subsidiaries Air Canada Rouge and Express in addition, it may already represent a certain interest for those who have to depart to North American cities that are not served by other companies directly from Europe .
Establishing : 1937 – homeland : Canada – a base : Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver – Hardware: 353 – Meals: 195

> Information:


It is the global reference for awards in the aviation sector (see: Their website). Its multiple rankings are widely anticipated and commented upon every year.

As for Air Canada, it is ranked in 2023:
38y “The best airline in the world.”
But also like…
1time “The best company appreciated by families.”
2y “Best Company in North America.”
3y “North America’s best low-cost airline through its subsidiary Air Canada Rouge.”
3y “Best cabin crew in North America.”

Safety question

This is not a Skytrax rating, however Recognized in the field of aviation safety. In its 2023 rankings, Air Canada received a score of 7/7.

Looking for reviews

There are many online review platforms for anything and everything, including air travel of course. Air Canada Reviews:

Trip Advisor: About 30,000 reviews and an overall rating of 3/5 (see Views).
Kayak: + 6,000 reviews and an overall rating of 6.1/10 (see Views).
Trip report: About 400 reviews and an overall rating of 7.5/10 (see Views). 250 reviews and an overall rating of 3.9/5 (see Views).