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A DoorDash delivery driver loses his job… due to travel

A DoorDash delivery driver loses his job… due to travel

A delivery driver working for American multinational DoorDash did not expect his employee account to be disabled… while he was travelling.

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Adam delivers meals to homes in California.

While visiting Minneapolis, Minnesota, as an employee, Adam opened DoorDash out of curiosity, which the company didn’t like.

“I wanted to see the areas [de livraison]“See what it was like to be stranded in another city,” he said in a TikTok video, adding that he is not accepting any rides.

“DoorDash kicked me out on vacation,” the American laments.

The worker confirms that he received an email from DoorDash informing him that his account had been deactivated.

Hi Adam, We regret to inform you that your Dasher account has been temporarily suspended.

The latter tried to appeal the decision, to no avail, before he received a second email confirming that the account had been disabled.

Pending further developments, the self-employed worker is on a waiting list to create a new account.

Contacted by the Daily Dot, the publicly traded company did not provide any reaction to Adam’s filing.

In its Terms and Conditions of Use, DoorDash does not have a specific policy regarding use of the App by employees outside of their home region.

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