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What is a malignant tumor?

What is a malignant tumor?

The same as the original cancer cells. Thus, the metastases are not another cancer, but cells from the original cancer that have spread. “For example, a lung-mounted breast cancer metastasis is a tumor made up of breast cells. Not lung cancer,” the National Cancer Institute (INCa) defines. When cancer produces metastases, it is called metastatic cancer.

What treatments? “Treatment of metastatic cancer is usually more difficult than cancer that has not spread,” says the Canadian Cancer Society. “In most cases, the goal of treatment is to help a person live as long as possible and maintain their quality of life. Treatments control and slow the growth of metastases, but they usually do not go away completely. However, there are promising therapeutic approaches such as immunotherapy. This “has been used It is already successfully used against ENT cancer, kidney and lung cancer, and melanoma, and is also available for patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer, under a provisional license to use.” Dr. Lionel Auer says.

Whatever happens, he adds, in the case of metastases, “we get into the logic of chronic disease.” The patient must be monitored for life due to the high risk of relapse.

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