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It’s time to start fighting in Savoy

For several years in Savoy, rising temperatures were accompanied by bad news striped in black and white: the tiger mosquito. These invasive species are closely monitored because they can transmit diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika.

The end of May is a prime time to stop the momentum, as now is when the first tiger mosquitoes hatch. “The form of resistance in mosquitoes is the eggs, and with them they spend the winter.” Rémi Foussadier, Director of EID, explains the Interdepartmental Mosquito Control Convention, based in Chindrieux. “The females lay eggs in the fall. These are waiting for the summer season and if they are in the water, they will give birth to larvae.”

Now is the perfect time “to clean the house” Remy Fossadeer explains. Three words: Blank cover, put it aside. In fact, it is a matter of regularly emptying all standing water in your garden, such as cups of flower pots, and covering water collectors with mosquito net, for example. “All that is being done now is a victory for the rest of the season, because tiger mosquito populations have a tremendous growth speed and it is much easier to break the dynamic at the beginning of the season than in the middle.”

This mosquito has been installed in France since 2004, and it is now spreading throughout France. The Ministry of Health now lists 67 colony districts, and the Switans have not been spared. According to public authorities, more than 40% of the population of Savoyards are affected.

The tiger mosquito first reached Aix Les Bains in 2014 before reaching Haute-Savoie in 2019. You should know that it does not fly more than 150 metres. Therefore, if it bites you at home, it means that the source of the eggs is in your garden or in your garden. Moreover, it has spread in France by car hopping. In 2014, he reached Aix-les-Bains by setting “Near mobile home” It’s about Guillaume Rey, an environmental hazard technician at Aix-les-Bains, who is specifically responsible for managing tiger mosquitoes. “This indicates that he arrived via a mobile home.”

A characteristic that the fight against the tiger mosquito must be local and global: every inhabitant has a responsibility. Some communities also get their hands dirty, such as the town of Aix-les-Bains, which has been experimenting with traps since last year. “These devices reproduce breeding grounds to attract females.” Galleries Guillaume Rey. “These are complements to preventive measures.

It is essential that this kind of gesture reproduce, because the tiger mosquito is already in Aix-les-Bains, Annecy or even in the Chambéry basin. Above all, it continues to make gains in the Combe de Savoie, and even in the valleys that have not yet been spared. Height does not scare him, because “Eggs can spend the winter up to 800 metres” According to Remy Fasdir. “If nothing is done, it will therefore continue to spread in the valleys.” It warns.

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