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What could The Rock offer to Cody Rhodes before his departure?

What could The Rock offer to Cody Rhodes before his departure?

A very interesting clip during RAW AfterMania with The Rock indicating to Cody Rhodes that he would one day return to confront him, but that was not all.

Indeed, The Rock also gave Cody Rhodes a very mysterious gift. The Rock asked Rhodes to contact him to give him something that was kept hidden because The Rock did not want Cody Rhodes to show it to the public. A gesture that ended the segment between the wrestlers.

We still don't know what's on Cody Rhodes' hand at this time, but some indications are that it could be a pearl from Roman Reigns' “Ula Fala” necklace. This is the famous pearl necklace that Roman Reigns always wears during his matches to show that he is the leader of the tribe.

Four possibilities suggest that this may be the case for the following reasons:

  1. The Rock said Cody Rhodes didn't need to open his hand to know what it was. Which means the gift may have a unique shape.
  2. The Rock said that Cody Rhodes should promise that he will never break his heart again. So if Rhodes decides to give the gift to someone else, the gesture will hurt The Rock.
  3. The match was a Bloodline Rules match, which could technically mean Cody Rhodes is the new tribal leader since he beat Roman Reigns to his stipulation.
  4. Throughout the show, The Rock showed a lot of respect towards Cody Rhodes. He even shared the title of People's Champion with Cody Rhodes showing that the two are probably equal despite the fact that he is the final boss.

Which could mean that this pearl from Roman Reigns' necklace will go to Cody Rhodes because he is the new leader of the tribe. This is definitely a novelty in the story that will play an important role and will be worth watching because this gift can change the course of events.

The next few weeks will be very interesting

Image source: WWE

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