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What are fake notary scam emails?

What are fake notary scam emails?

Discovered on October 07 by UFC-Que Choisir after collecting numerous testimonies from all over France, the fraudulent email scam from authenticators has wreaked havoc for several weeks, with massive financial damages extracted from victims.

While scams of all kinds have increased in recent weeks like The person who has the false summons to justice or for The so-called Irish techniqueA new scam linked to documentation fees is spreading in France.

The scammers, who keep the emails of several authenticators after their mailbox is hacked, ask customers for a deposit to purchase their belongings. The criminals then exchange a notary’s bank identification statement using their bank details, often overseas.

By the time the abused person becomes aware of the illegal precedent, the transaction has already been approved by the bank, making it impossible to cancel the payment at the last minute. 50,000 euros were stolen thanks to this operation in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, plus 30,000 euros in Pau (Ariège) according to data provided by the Consumers Association.

The phone is safer than email

It is therefore highly recommended to contact the notary or go directly to the branch to get a confirmation of the bank details before making this type of transfer.

It is essential not to rely solely on emails sent by authenticators as they are more vulnerable to hacking. The Supreme Council of Notaries has also confirmed multiple mailbox hacks by professionals in the sector this summer.

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