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We’ve found the most daring suggestion of the off-season

We’ve found the most daring suggestion of the off-season

Bold stances, many of which we saw during the recession. But I think we may have just found the most daring person as far as the Canadian is concerned.

And it’s about Cole Caufield.

According to the Habs Eyes On The Award website, which covers the Canadian’s activities, it is not unlikely to “forget the 50 goals” in his case and believe that he is capable of surpassing the 60-goal mark.

And A bit like Michel LapriseYou’ve made the leap.

After all, we’re talking about a huge jump for a player who scored 26 goals last year and has 53 in the NHL — if you take into account the regular season alone.

I know his 53 goals in 123 games takes into account the run up the table under Dominique Ducharme and I know he was injured last year in January, but still: it’s a bold proposition.

I know Caufield will be healthy. I know he will be taken better care of. I also know that the NHL is an increasingly offensive league and that they are scoring more goals.

But 60, for those who weren’t even on pace for 50 last year, is bold.

Please note: I’m not saying it’s impossible. But what I’m saying is that I don’t think Caufield, who hasn’t played since January, is ready, as of October 2023, to be one of the top scorers on the circuit… within a club that will miss him. Series.

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This is too bold to suggest.

After all, 60 goals were scored only twice last year: David Pastrnak (61) and Connor McDavid (64). Clearly Caufield is not McGesus, we’ll tell each other.

In recent years, since insurance In the 2012-13 season, only three top scorers managed to score 60 goals. Auston Matthews (2021-2022) is the other player in question.

(Credit: Stat Muse)

So it is not impossible that it could happen one day in the case of Caufield. However, he has already been emboldened to provide a 50-goal season this season due to the circumstances surrounding the club.

We’ll see in a few years.

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– short term? Yes.

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