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'We're all quitting': Burger King employees brag about their departure

‘We’re all quitting’: Burger King employees brag about their departure

All the employees of Burger King decided to offer their resignation at once.

“We’re all quitting. Sorry for the inconvenience,” restaurant workers in Lincoln, Nebraska, wrote under the restaurant’s sign.

Resigners deplore the conditions in which they have to work, in particular the fact that they have to work without air conditioning in the kitchen when temperatures exceed 32 degrees Celsius.

Former restaurant manager Rachel Flores told CNN that she was hospitalized because she was dehydrated.

When she decided to quit, the eight employees on her team followed suit.

At the end of the last two weeks, they decided to announce their departure on the billboard under a huge banner in front of the restaurant.

“We wanted to make fun of them [la direction]Former director Rachel Flores told CNN:

Screenshot / CNN

She adds that “sorry for the inconvenience” was more for clients.

Shortly after its creation, the publication quickly went viral.

Hours after the poster was installed, Rachel Flores received a call from upper management.

“He told me I should remove the letter. I told him I couldn’t take it off because we were understaffed and dinner time had begun,” the former CNN manager said.

Burger King issued a statement explaining that “the working environment described at this restaurant is not in line with our brand values. Our franchisee is analyzing the situation to ensure this does not happen again in the future.”

The employee’s letter remained in place for six hours. Then it was replaced by another message: “We are hiring. Flexible hours.”

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