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Caroline Rogers becomes number two in the Bank of Canada

Caroline Rogers becomes number two in the Bank of Canada

This was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland great experience what or what His extraordinary biography. He must bring the rookie new perspective At the Bank of Canada, Freeland urges.

Carolyn Rogers brings a wealth of experience and unique skills that perfectly complement those of Governor Teff McClem and other members of the Board of Directors.Claire Kennedy, Principal Officer and Chair of the Board of Directors’ Special Committee.

Ms. Rogers is originally from Winnipeg and is currently the Secretary-General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

She has also worked as an Assistant Supervisor of the Regulatory Sector, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (BSIF), as well as the supervisor and CEO of the Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM), the regulator and supervisor of the financial sector in British Columbia.

His in-depth knowledge of the financial system, federal and provincial financial institutions as well as Canadian payment systems will be a valuable asset to the Bank in exercising its responsibilities regarding financial stability and in pursuing its work on modernization. Payment systems, central bank digital currency, climate risk, digitization of the economy and financial system, Mrs. Kennedy explained.

What is the role of the Bank of Canada?

As a central bank, its four main areas of responsibility are monetary policy, enhancing the reliability, safety and efficiency of financial systems, designing, issuing and distributing Canadian banknotes as well as managing public debt.

With her national and international experience, she will bring a diversified perspective to the bankGovernor Teff McClem greeted and described him A strong leader, with a great strategic mind.

These are valuable qualities as the Bank embarks on an ambitious path to serve Canadians as well as possible.

Quote from:Teff McClem, Governor of the Bank of Canada

Caroline Rogers will succeed Caroline A. Wilkins, who resigned in December 2020. Her seven-year term will begin December 15.

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Governor Teff McClem Appointed as Governor of the Central Bank in May 2020.