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Weird rules for participating in the Dr Disrespect tournament in Fortnite

Weird rules for participating in the Dr Disrespect tournament in Fortnite

Participate in the Dr Disrespect tournament without talking, seeing or quoting from him, these are the rules that streamers must apply to Twitch.

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On May 27, the Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament hosted by Dr Disrespect was the only one. It happened in Fortnite, in duo in zero construction game mode and a $100,000 worth was put up for the occasion. Apparently the most famous celebrities invited were Tfue, Summit1g, Dr Lupo, Courage JD, TimTheTatman or Ninja. So far, nothing new.

Tips to not get banned

However, it appears that all of these streamers, especially those on Twitch, have had to apply certain rules at the risk of being banned by the platform. In fact, Dr Disrespect and Twitch like Fortnite and Apple, we love each other and hate each other.

in 2020, Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch For mysterious reasons that prompted him to sue the broadcasting platform. Although the official reason has not yet been revealed, the famous drinker has posted a message on Twitter indicating that he has resolved his feud with Twitch. However, he won’t come back to it tomorrow the day before, especially since it’s now on YouTube.

So, with such interest in the comment, it was referenced in The course of action for adoption on TwitchIt is forbidden to talk about a suspended user as shown below.

“All suspensions must be honored until they expire or are lifted after a successful appeal process. Any attempt to circumvent an account suspension or chat ban through other accounts or identities or by appearing on another user’s account will also result in an additional penalty against your accounts, up to Suspension indefinitely.

In addition, it is prohibited to use your channel to highlight or advertise an intentionally suspended user. We understand that there may be instances where suspended users appear in your broadcast, due to circumstances beyond your control, such as third party gaming tournaments. However, we are counting on you to act in good faith and remove them from your broadcast, prevent them from connecting or at least limit their interaction with your broadcast. »

Five-time World Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura also incurred costs when he watched on his Twitch channel a chess match between Dr Disrespect and Dr. Lupo. consequences, Banned for 3 days.

It is forbidden to talk about disrespecting a doctor

In order to counter the many suspensions, BoomTV, who is responsible for organizing the Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament for Doctor Disrespect, has put together a whole list of rules and tips to keep in mind, as Jake Lucky, co-owner of Full Squad Games Structure.

  • Use Hot Shot Duo Drop with Fortnite to talk about the action.
  • Using names other than Dr Disrespect such as the blockbuster video game hero twice.
  • Dr Disrespect hide photos, videos, and streams on your broadcasts.
  • Change the disrespect of the dr in the game.
  • Pay attention when viewing a tournament or arc.

It’s possible that all the streamers have paid attention, given that so far none of them have been suspended by Twitch.

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For the most curious, these are them Tfue and Zemie who won the tournament The Dr Disrespect YouTube channel had 124,364 viewers.

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