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Weight loss: Will the use of plexiglass last for a long time?

Weight loss: Will the use of plexiglass last for a long time?

If the National Council on Economic and Social Sciences (CNESST) relaxes its mask-wearing rules at work in the yellow and green district on Monday, the glass dividers installed across the county will stay here longer.

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Although they make contact more difficult, and some people tend to overdo them, they are very effective at preventing aerosol transmission.

“It is worth keeping it,” Dr. Marie-France Renaud, Head of the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at CHUM, believes without a doubt.

“Vitreous is very effective. In a few months, we will be able to go back to normal behaviors and get rid of them, but we’re not there yet,” she ruled in an interview with 100% Nouvelles.

She argues that these divisions should stay in place at least until fall, the season when “we still have little concerns.”

However, she is of the view that the most important measure to be implemented and which must remain is to prevent anyone who is infected, or has been in direct contact, from coming to work.

“People who are waiting for a test, who have had contact, should not come to work,” she explains.

She also insists that anyone showing symptoms should be tested, because there have always been cases in Quebec.

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