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We performed a preventative operation against skin cancer

We performed a preventative operation against skin cancer

Soft sand, loungers and sun at the pinnacle of Deux Rives Beach in Nancy. This summer, during tanning sessions, Kathryn Kolovaldi meets bathtubs. “Hey ladies, we are working to raise awareness of skin cancer and the dangers of summer.” The prevention officer of the CPAM in Meurthe-et-Moselle is released to an aunt and her niece, pinned under an umbrella. The operation is carried out jointly with the CHRU of Nancy and the town hall to prevent sun-related risks.

No, clouds do not protect against UV rays

The message was well received by the swimmers. “It is good for sunscreen, danger to the skin, even on the beach in Nancy where it is believed that the sun does no harm.thought Anne, who is applying The trio: sunscreen, cap and sunglasses. A few beach towels, Hélène tans on one of the deckchairs: “JI don’t necessarily do the right thing, but I do try not to expose myself to the sun between noon and 4 p.m.. “

What are the dangers of the sun on our skin?