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Time travel is possible, but under one condition

Time travel is possible, but under one condition

Time travel has always been one of man’s ancient dreams. To achieve this, science fiction uses Doloreans or red telephone booths, but in reality, ring wormholes might be a much better solution. According to recent work by Andrei Zelnikov and Pavel Krtouš, professors respectively at the University of Alberta in Canada and Prague, time travel may be possible.

In their article, the scientists explain that it would be sufficient to find a wormhole with a higher gravitational field at the entrance than at the exit. Under these circumstances, wormhole It respects Einstein’s laws of general relativity and allows its passage to travel through time.

What is a wormhole?

By taking a ‘shortcut’, the wormhole allows you to travel faster than light, and thus in time © Edobric

To understand how this celestial magic trick is possible, one must have some idea of ​​the nature of wormholes. These things, which have been theorized by many scientists, have never been noticed and are just paper facts. They act as “doors” to break the laws of space-time and allow “shortcuts” to be taken.

However, too many safeguards still prevent us from being certain that wormholes exist. In fact, these elements must be composed of exotic matter, which is very rare in the universe. Cet ensemble of matière doit en plus respecter une charge energétique negative, là encore ce n’est pas impossible sur le papier, mais les tentant observations de montrer l’existence d’une telle energie n’ont pas encore obtenu le consensus des scientifiques du the whole world.

Time Travel: Hello, Paradox

But even imagine that time travel is possible by crossing a wormhole, things wouldn’t be any easier on the other side. For example, it will be impossible to “choose” the date you want to go to. Depending on the size of the wormhole, it takes us somewhat into the past.

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But it is impossible to go back in time after its creation. Also, if the flight went well, chances are things will be very different upon arrival. In fact, going back in time several thousand or millions of years would bring us to a completely different world, where the Earth may not even have existed at all.

parallel universes

Another theory, less popular, is that the universe actually consists of several universes, all of them different in one detail. They will be linked together into a gigantic structure. These bridges between universes will be materialized by wormholes. Crossing one of them will not make us go back in time, it will change the universe, a whole program.