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We have to wonder if Jean-François Holly will return with a rocket

We have to wonder if Jean-François Holly will return with a rocket

Jean-François Holly is in his third season behind the Laval Rocket bench.

He was able to lead his club to the playoffs in his first two seasons with the club, but was still without a contract heading into the 24-25 season.

However, we wonder what the organization's plan is with the coach.

Anthony Marcotte, who covers the club's activities for BPM Sports Radio, spoke about this topic duringAppearance on TVA Sports' JiC show.

On the other hand, if we trust the sound of the missile…

It seems that it is not entirely clear at the moment, because even John Sedgwick (Rocket CEO) refused to provide any information for the future:

I asked John Sedgwick, Rocket's new general manager, about Jean-François Holly's future. He declined to say more, other than to note that he will be re-evaluated at the end of the season. -Anthony Marcotte

It must be admitted that Jean-François Holly is doing a good job with the CH School Club.

The Rocket are currently in the playoff hunt despite the youth of the team, and it will be difficult to qualify for the Spring Dance as Brandon Gignac is currently sidelined with an injury.

But the club is still in an interesting position and that should not be neglected because the Rocket are still young again.

Guillaume Lefrançois (La Presse) spoke with the Rocket coach this morning The latter told him that he was not necessarily worried about the future because he had a lot of experience.

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“If it's not here with the Montreal Canadiens, it'll be with someone else,” the coach told the journalist.

On the other hand, Holly does well great work At Laval…but it wasn't Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton who hired him.

Will the new management want to trust someone they know?

Did Jean-François Holly impress the new management enough to secure a new contract with the organization?

These are the questions that need to be asked, after all.

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