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"We couldn't fight last year because Brendan Gallagher was injured"

“We couldn’t fight last year because Brendan Gallagher was injured”

Just because Brendan Gallagher wasn’t named captain doesn’t mean he’s not important to the club.

Gale is a man everyone seems to love in the locker room. Injuries over the past few years (and his increase) mean No. 11 has been unable to perform up to expectations.

But this year he repeats from the rooftops that he is healthy and hungry. He wants to become the player he once was and will give himself the tools to do so and convince the new management of his importance.

Since it is one of the largest contracts in China, If it can leadthat would help a little.

The importance of a healthy Gallagher to Canadians is so well known that Chris Wideman, who was not a member of the CH during Gally’s good years, realizes that if CH wasn’t able to fight back last year, it was because Gally was injured.

These are great comments.

No longer limp. I hugged him a lot.

We couldn’t fight last year because Brendan Gallagher was injured. – Chris Weidman for Brendan Gallagher

It’s true that Gallagher has blown a lot of energy into his team in the past. Oftentimes, he wrote that he was the only person to force himself (actually get high) during a match.

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It’s his nature, but his style of play carries injury risks. And when a player of this type is injured, he often comes up with a poorer performance.

It’s hard to believe that Galle’s performance, if healthy after a long summer at home, could be worse than last year. Logically, it is a candidate for a bounce again in 2022-2023. And don’t forget that a man like Galli is a proud athlete…

However, he will have to work at his speed in order to once again become a good asset to Martin St. Louis.

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The list of CH patients has been extended this morningBut don’t worry too much about it. Having said that, I am concerned about Joel Edmondson.

– In fact.

– I can’t wait to see him.

– what will he do?

– Everyone knows that in life, you shrink at the age of 21 …

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– Will he leave?