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Virgin Voyages is canceling its Australian cruise season

Virgin Voyages is canceling its Australian cruise season

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Virgin Voyages has decided to cancel the 2024/25 cruise season on Resilient Lady due to the ongoing conflict in the Red Sea.

The decision will affect the ship's second voyage in Australian waters. mentioned as Company Special Ships to Adults in a press release.

Virgin Voyages only traveled the Australian territory for three months.

The Richard Branson-owned shipping line said it would affect “ship transfer voyages between Europe and Australia in late 2024 and early 2025” due to “unacceptable risks”. Next 12 months.

“Based on recent changes and regional and government advice we have received, we are very concerned about the potential increase in the Red Sea over the next 12 months,” the agency said.

“This significant and ongoing conflict presents unacceptable risks to the safety of our sailors, our crew and our ship.”

“As a result, we have no choice but to cancel our 2024-25 season cruise plans on Resilient Lady. »

The ship will now complete its Mediterranean sailing season on October 20, 2024. It will then head to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a new season in the Caribbean, making 7-11 day cruises and stops in St. Maarten-Vincent, Colombia and Dominica.

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