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Viewers think this comedian will replace Patrick Howard in La Tour

Viewers think this comedian will replace Patrick Howard in La Tour

Since we know that Patrick Howard is no longer receiving guests at his apartment after two passionate seasons, a question is on everyone’s lips: Who will replace him at the helm of the daily broadcast on TVA?

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In the wake of the emergence of singer Lisa LeBlanc, celebrity chef Martin Pickard and host and comedian Marc Labrich, speculation has begun about the next alternative.

usually , the tower It begins with a monologue by Patrick Howard. However, that wasn’t what happened on Tuesday evening. In fact, it was Marc Labreche, one of the guests, who loaned himself to the game, so would the public therefore have a right to a major clue as to Patrick Howard’s replacement?

Watch his monologue here:

It was enough to start the rumor and get fans of the show talking. Comments are unanimous: Marc Labrich would be the perfect replacement.

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After several animations in his career like Long Blonde With A Sneaky Show And the 3600 seconds of orgasmhe will have the necessary background to comfort all the guests, mixing confessions and humor at the same time.

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There is only one concern looming on the horizon at the moment: Marc Labreche is currently hosting this year In Tele-Quebec. It would be very difficult (and even unrealistic) for him to do both.

Many people have commented on the series’ official Facebook page and directly raised the rumors. Here are some of the hundreds of comments left after Marc Labreche’s visit:

“Marc Labreche to replace Patrick, that would be the top!!!!!”

“I haven’t seen who could replace Patrick and be so good…but there…Marc Labrich, he would be a genius.”

“Oh! Marc Labreche doing your monologue. Definitely the best to replace you Patrick.”

“Mark would be a good replacement…but Patrick is the best ever.”

For its part, team the tower Don’t confirm…but don’t deny either!

Will Marc Labrich take the seat left vacant by Patrick Howard? Only time will prove!

Until then, and until April 7th, don’t miss the latest episodes the tower Hosted by Patrick Howard, Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m., on TVA and VAT +.

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