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Viewed from the United Kingdom.  For residents, the “dark side” of the Paris Olympics

Viewed from the United Kingdom. For residents, the “dark side” of the Paris Olympics

As hundreds of boats float elegantly down the chain during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris this summer, a famous and cherished landmark will disappear. The second-hand booksellers who have settled along the coast for centuries will be disbanded for the duration of the Olympic Games. For many Parisians preparing to see 1 million visitors pour into their city, it was the final blow.

Much of the French population either supports the Olympics or is indifferent to them, but Ile-de-France residents have been quick to complain about them. According to a survey, almost 44% of them think hosting the Olympics “bad thing”, And 52% plan to leave the capital for the duration of the demonstration. In the summer of 2023, between bedbugs and work disrupting metro traffic, Paris isn't ready for the Olympics it doesn't want.

A real estate bubble

Even if the event goes off without a hitch, many Parisians will not be there to witness it. Many of my friends plan to leave the city given the massive police presence and blocked roads. For them, the only positive point is the opportunity to earn some money by renting out their accommodation. Paris is not a big city, about ten kilometers wide, the

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