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View “House” at Espace 1,000 Sources

View “House” at Espace 1,000 Sources

Faced with demand, Bugeat’s Espace 1000 sources have developed a wide range of activities throughout the year. If so far the animation is proposed by external speakers to whom the sports center has made available its premises and equipment, its own offer of sporting and relaxing activities is proposed internally, by a sports educator who comes from a place for hire.

Certified Math Instructor. To develop this new “in-house” offering, Espace hired 1000 Sources at 1 any March Christophe Mondine, sports teacher and former policeman. After years spent “training” in the National Gendarmerie, he appreciates “working in a structure well known in the sporting world and rich in diverse infrastructures”.

For him, “the closeness to nature that the center benefits from is a real advantage for the people working there as well as for the athletes.” An added bonus to the Sports Center still offering their accommodation offer for business seminars, now offering to enhance these with cohesive activities and on-demand services related to sport and wellbeing.

Short themed stay. The appointment of the new athletic trainer was an opportunity for the structure to create a new formula: a short sports stay (four full days spread over five days, from Monday noon to Friday noon). Among the formats offered: physical fitness, running, preparation for civil and military competitions (firefighters, gendarmes, army).

The stays consist of personal training sessions (group of max 10 people), supervised relaxation sessions, access to the balneological area (sauna, hammam, etc.), meals and accommodation.

A formula that director Patricia Revalière believes in: “This four-day stay formula, open to everyone, can attract many profiles, from solo athletes to groups and families who want to exercise while being accompanied. All this in a quiet outdoor setting. .»

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She is also convinced that preparation courses for civil and military competitions will be a real advantage “thanks to Christophe Mondain, who will allow both young and old who want to take on these challenging competitions to receive the appropriate training to maximize their chances of success.

Weekly meetings for everyone. To meet the growing demand from the residents of Bugeat and the surrounding areas, Espace 1000 Sources launches its weekly meetings dedicated to local residents. Offered, led by professionals throughout the year, are martial arts (aïkido or qi gong) classes, gymnastics (Aquagym, gentle gymnastics), well-being and self-control sessions, and ashtanga vinyasa yoga sessions for more courageous dynamic yoga that suggests synchronizing movement with breath.

The Sports Health Portal follows. Since January 2023, the creation of “bridges” by the Limousin Sport Santé platform has made it possible for many residents of the region to benefit from sports sessions prescribed by a doctor for a period of 3 months.

For those who, after this period, wish to continue physical activity and have felt the benefits of sport over illness, convalescence or old age, Espace 1000 Source takes charge with its coach. Christophe Mondin continues the work he started, focusing his sessions on mobility, amplitude and balance; It also allows isolated elderly people to be trapped and listened to.