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Viennes.  The Science Festival will make way for the renovation of the monastery

Viennes. The Science Festival will make way for the renovation of the monastery

This year again, the Inter-Age University du Pais Vinua (UIAPV) wanted to celebrate the Science Festival. After an exhibition and conference dedicated to radon, this radioactive gas whose local toxicity cannot be overstated or underestimated, and an escape game for the little ones, the session concluded with a conference dedicated to Darwin presented by Michel Maximin at the end of the week. Participants were able to explore the life and works of Charles Darwin, the great early traveler and distinguished naturalist: how, through a series of astonishing circumstances – a sailor’s replacement at short notice, bad weather that prevented him from disembarking, and seasickness that forced him to travel on foot Or on horseback – this man made a round-the-world tour full of discoveries and stirring ideas that would lead to hypotheses about the origin of species.

The audience appreciated that Michel Maximin showed how Darwin’s writings had been manipulated and abused. “There is what Darwin said and wrote, and there is what he was forced to say,” and the difference has proven to be significant.

The next monthly conference will be held on November 16 at 6 pm and will be dedicated to the renewal of the Abbey of Saint-André-de-Rozan, presented by Daniel Brun.

It is possible to register for the various UIAPV activities by viewing the brochure and contacting the Quai des Arts media library.

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