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5 ideas for space adventures in the Cité de l’Espace

5 ideas for space adventures in the Cité de l’Espace

The Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse promises an extraordinary experience for young and old during the Halloween weekend. Explore the universe and discover 5 exciting activities, from astronaut training to life on the moon, including a trip to Mars, a 3D asteroid search and a unique experience for young children. Embark on an unforgettable interstellar journey from ages 7 to 77!

It’s Halloween holiday and here’s an idea for a picnic and wonder for your kids. there Space city In Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) on the launch pad to take you to the stars. It offers a comprehensive program for children and adults. Here are 5 suggestions.

  • “How does the European Space Agency recruit astronauts?” :Are you ready to reach for the stars in style? La Cité de l’espace takes you to a workshop that will reveal all the secrets to becoming a European astronaut! 🚀

    Imagine yourself heading to the International Space Station (ISS), the Moon, or even Mars. You’ll need very specific skills like elephant memory, foolproof logic, a body designed for space adventure, superhero guidance, and of course the art of cooperation, teamwork, Zen attitude, and intergalactic communication. 🌟

    In a 40-minute presentation, this workshop will challenge you to pass astronaut selections by trying out some tests and scenarios yourself inspired by real selection processes. They were all designed with valuable assistance from astronauts and engineers from the European Space Agency and the French National Center for Space Studies. So, if you dream of a space adventure, come during holidays and weekends to live this unique experience.

  • “Moon Episode 2” : Enter the lunar adventure with the “MOON, Episode 2” exhibition! 🌕 This immersive dive will introduce you not only to what’s currently happening in the world of lunar exploration, but also to the enormous challenges that await astronauts when they return to our beautiful neighbor, the Moon.

    Space agencies around the world are doing their best to send astronauts who will stay there for a short time and make amazing scientific discoveries. The main objective ? Get ready to live away from home, because March is also on our bucket list!

    In this exhibition, you will find yourself in a 100% lunar village, where you will have to understand how scientists deal with the challenges of life in the absence of air, water and a supermarket nearby. Why ? Because the moon is nothing but a tropical paradise! 😅 Wondering how to find resources in this barren star? How do we benefit from solar energy, lunar dust and water? How to protect yourself from a hostile environment? What type of equipment will you need? Above all, how can we eat, sleep and communicate on the moon? The exhibition will also reveal exciting projects and upcoming missions that will take us to the moon.

  • Mars Terrains ‘Rovers are coming to the scene!“: Take a space journey with the special animation “The Rovers are on Stage!” on Mars! 🚀🌌

    Imagine yourself in the heart of a giant Martian crater with an area of ​​​​900 square meters, where the red soil and unique rocks of the planet Mars are reproduced with amazing precision, and capable of receiving up to 250 visitors at the same time. The scientific animators at Cité de l’espace bring you a daily 25-minute presentation, as realistic as possible, to immerse you in the world of Mars exploration. You’ll be able to admire life-sized replicas of the rovers Perseverance (NASA – USA) and Zhurong (CNSA – China), both of which are roaming around Mars at the moment. It’s been put into practice to show how these robots move around the Red Planet and the exciting missions that lie ahead.

    Scientific experts from the French Space Agency (CNES) and the Research Institute for Astrophysics and Planetology IRAP have worked together to bring you a more realistic Martian scene, with all the colours, textures and patterns. 😄🛰️

  • 3D Asteroid Hunters” : Get ready for an exciting journey among the stars at the IMAX® Theater in the Cité de l’Espace! 🌌🚀 Young and old are invited to a cinematic session like no other: “Asteroid Hunters 3D”. As you immerse yourself in this film, you will embark on an amazing mission, that of scientists who work day in and day out to protect us from asteroids that threaten our beloved planet.

    A real adventure! You’ll live alongside these intrepid hunters, discovering their high-tech gadgets and futuristic techniques for detecting and tracking asteroids approaching Earth. It’s a deep dive into the fascinating daily lives of these cosmic defenders.

  • “Children’s City” : Welcome to Cité des Petits, a magical place dedicated to little adventurers between the ages of 4 and 8! 🚀👶 At Cité de l’Espace, the little ones are king, it’s a true paradise for young visitors. Imagine animation and settings that completely immerse them in the alien universe, all on their own scale. La Cité des Petits is ideal for families looking for cultural venues suitable for children who don’t know how to read yet or are just starting out. Our little explorers will love delving into two topics that catch their attention: rockets and astronauts. 🌠🪐
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