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[VIDÉO] Cam DS reveals its best titles around the world

[VIDÉO] Cam DS reveals its best titles around the world

Content creator and Dog mom Camille DS took full time questionnaire I'll Go Where You Go: Travel Edition He shares his best titles from all over the planet.

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For years, team Silo 57 He enjoys scanning local characters to find out their address books.

Camille Deswerc Sperandeau, real name, better known as Camille DSHe grew up in Laval to a musician mother and architect father. She wears many hats: lifestyle and travel blogger, photographer, Dog mom He co-hosts the podcast “La Vie Sociale” with Carl Hardy. Passionate about travel, she explores the planet and shares her most beautiful photos on her platforms with her community! The Silo 57 team was very happy to be able to find the best titles around the world!

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Watch the video above to discover Camille's best titles!

In the video above, Camille reveals where to find the best ramen, her favorite destinations, her favorite coffee in BC, and more.

Good listening!

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