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video |  A violent attack in the New York subway

video | A violent attack in the New York subway

A New York subway passenger had no tolerance for a man who fell asleep on his shoulder on Tuesday after violently elbowing him before a fight broke out, police said.

The crime was filmed. The video went viral on Reddit and TikTok. The video shows the assailant fidgeting before violently shoving the victim, who appears to lose consciousness for a brief moment.

Immediately, one of the victim’s friends rushed to his defense and attacked the attacker.

The fight occurred around 5:30 a.m. near the 71stH Avenue, in Queens, according to the New York Police Department New York Post.

The attacker shouted at his 27-year-old victim in both Spanish and English. He lost his nerve when the victim seemed to whisper an answer to him.

“I speak your damn language and I know you. Go to sleep somewhere else and shut up,” he said, before shoving her three times.

The other passengers moved away during the fight.

The two friends filed a complaint with the police.

The victim refused medical treatment, and his friend, who defended him, reported no injuries. The attacker remains at large, although a complaint of assault has been filed against him.

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