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'Very bad news': Seawater seeping under Thwaites Glacier

'Very bad news': Seawater seeping under Thwaites Glacier

Coastal cities – such as Miami and New Orleans – and even entire countries, such as Bangladesh, are threatened by melting glaciers.

Now, for the first time, there is visible evidence that seawater is seeping beneath the glacier ThwaitesWhich accelerates its dissolution. This glacier, nicknamed The glacier of the end of the worldContinent m at the global level”text”:A volume of ice equivalent to a sea level rise of 0.6 meters at the global level”}}”>The ice volume is equivalent to a global sea level rise of 0.6 metres.

Authors of the study published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Earlier this week, it used data from a constellation of satellites to reach these conclusions.

according to Christine DowOne of the report's authors said sea level rise was now inevitable. There is no possibility of escape at the moment.

The glacier in question is linked to West Antarctica. Its melting will have an impact that will be felt everywhere on the planet, especially in coastal cities, according to the woman. Daoholds the Canada Research Chair in Glacial Hydrology and Ice Dynamics and is attached to the University of Waterloo.

Problematic, from Miami to Bangladesh

This is very bad news for the glacier, because when there is seawater under the ice, it melts much faster than if there was seawater.Explains Mrs. Dao. This melting will force sea levels to rise around the world.

The glacier is huge: its diameter is about 120 kilometers and covers an area of ​​​​192 thousand square kilometers.

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