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The iPad Mini will switch to OLED, but not before 2026

The iPad Mini will switch to OLED, but not before 2026

After the iPad Pro, it's the turn of the iPad Air, and also the iPad Mini, to switch to OLED. A smooth transition will not happen for at least two years.

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The iPad finally switched to OLED this year: the iPad Pro is the first tablet from the manufacturer to take advantage of this technology, while MacBooks should also follow by 2025.

But if there's one big thing missing from Apple's ads, it's the Apple Mini. If a new version of the compact tablet is not expected before the end of 2024 at the earliest, its transition to OLED is also in the company's plans.

The Oled iPad Mini of 2026?

According to site sources Znet Korea (via MacRumorsSamsung is reportedly developing 8-inch OLED displays for the future iPad Mini. Mass production will be planned for the second half of 2025 to be available in 2026.

These rumors were confirmed by the Korean website ET News, which confirms according to its own sources that the iPad Mini, as well as the iPad Air, will move to OLED in 2026. The display of the Mini model will also move from a diagonal of 8.3 inches to 8.7 inches for this occasion. To note that

It now remains to be seen whether this is the long-awaited iPad Mini 7 or the future iPad Mini 8. According to information received from Mark GormanA new model with a more powerful chip will be planned by the end of 2024, so this will fit into Apple's schedule of launching an iPad Mini every two years.

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