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Logan Mylox is (partially) to blame for his defensive shortcomings

Logan Mylox is (partially) to blame for his defensive shortcomings

Logan Maylox is a polarizing prospect. It is clear that his past works against him, but the fact that he is a player who does not take care of his defense is also an aspect to take into account.

In London, when he was young, we could see that sometimes he did not hold back quite effectively. But while he helped his club score and win more often than not, things turned out better.

But there, Logan Mailloux is on the pro roster and the Rocket is not having a great start to the season. This highlights it a little more under the circumstances.

Let’s assume we don’t get only the positives.

He still has a lot of miles to go.

This quote comes from Jean-François Holly. The Laval missile pilot made such comments about Logan Mylux not because he doesn’t do anything good, but because he has things to work on.

this is Nicholas Landry, RDS journalistReports.

The Rocket coach likes the potential of Mylox and other youngsters, but does not like to see his club not being accountable for the efforts put in during matches.

This was to be expected with a young team, but Holly still believes youth cannot account for everything.

This is what it means to have a young team in training. So yes, it is Rock and Roll Music It will be for a while. -Jean-François Holly

Currently, Mylox’s -9 differential, which has two points (two goals) in seven games, says it all. I know the difference is not the final statistic, but when you have the worst in the club, that’s a sign.

The defender knows he’s not perfect. He’s willing to take some of the blame, but he also knows he’s not 100% to blame because he knows he’s not the only one who deserves criticism.

If I look at these goals more carefully, sometimes it’s my fault, sometimes it’s not. -Logan Maylux

Note that according to data collected by Sportlogiq, Mailux has been a victim of bad luck in some ways. However, he knows he will have to work hard in the NHL to achieve his goals.

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Obviously he cannot say otherwise.

When the Canadian’s training camp ended, we learned he was in CH’s plans for the season. But for that, he will have to improve his game without the puck.

After all, wouldn’t Martin St. Louis say that hockey is mostly played without the puck?

a lot of

– Ah good?

– Mike Matheson is getting praise from his former NCAA coach.

– It’s a nice gesture.

– Protecting your neck becomes mandatory in the WHL.

– Not everything is negative.