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The new Recall AI feature in Windows 11 works on processors other than the Snapdragon X series

The new Recall AI feature in Windows 11 works on processors other than the Snapdragon X series

Reminder is one of many new Windows 11 AI features that new Copilot Plus PCs can use BC Copilot Plus Copilot Plus. It's basically static screenshots of what you're doing on the computer, processing the screenshots, and allowing you to look back in time. For example, you can search for a specific product that you may have seen before but can't remember the name by describing it in words.

Although this feature raises some Security and privacy concernsMicrosoft claims that all processing is done locally. So, in theory, since nothing is transmitted to external servers, you should have complete privacy with features like paging.

However, as Microsoft noted, laptops must meet some specific requirements to take advantage of these features, including having an NPU with at least 40 TOPS of AI performance. This is necessary for data processing on the device, and currently, only the new Snapdragon X series processors meet this requirement (pre-order Surface Pro 2024 on Amazon).

However, it seems that you don't really need a Snapdragon 40 top pieces requirements. The developer explained that the feature works on a system with an unsupported ARM64 processor, and noted that it should also work on AMD and Intel systems.

Of course, if Recall runs on an ARM64 system, it won't be as smooth as that . Microsoft has proven this On a Snapdragon Performance can also degrade when there are too many screenshots to process.

That's why Microsoft required a 40 TOPS NPU for systems that meet PC Copilot Plus standards. Right now, the only options are Snapdragon X series laptops, but we'll likely see more systems that meet these requirements as Intel releases the technology. Moon Lake And AMD Strix Point.

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