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Venomous snakes have already returned because the winter is so warm

Venomous snakes have already returned because the winter is so warm

Snakes are out there! In AustraliaResidents are being asked to exercise caution earlier than usual because: temperature Especially high at the endWinterVenomous snakes have already resumed activity almost a month earlier than other years, reports said CNN.

in winter, Snakes The continent is in “brumation”, a state close to hibernation, so they are very inactive. Reptile Usually find a hiding place and wait for the temperature to rise before leaving. According to American media, their reappearance usually occurs in September.

Actions to take if bitten

But associated with global temperature rise Climate change, the snakes are already out there. However, this is exactly what experts have noticed, having already identified an unlikely increase in emergency calls in August.

The situation prompted the Australian Reptile Park to issue an “urgent alert” on Thursday. “It is important for all Australians to know that snakes are not out to harm humans,” the park says. “Bite […] Especially when trying to capture or kill them. If you don’t do both, you’re more likely to come out unscathed! »

The venom of some snakes can be fatal to humans in just 30 minutes, and the Australian Reptile Park has provided appropriate measures in the event of a bite. The victim should remain calm, remove any jewelry that has been bitten and bandage the entire affected limb, not just the bitten area, while waiting for help. Officials advise against placing piles of wood or leaves in gardens where snakes may hide.