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Brexit doesn’t really excite the British

Brexit doesn’t really excite the British

A poll conducted by YouGov (Britain’s leading polling channel) between August 8 and 9 reveals an unexpected situation: almost half of people believe that Brexit is “not a done deal”. Worse still, the results of this poll reveal that 50% of people will vote in favor of Britain returning to the EU in a second referendum.

Thunderbolt for the United Kingdom. Brexit divides, and so does the system Yukov devoted its latest study to it. The result is clear: half the electorate – including a fifth of Brexit supporters – I think another Brexit referendum Should take place in the next decade.

However, more than one-third (36%) believes that no referendum should be held during this period. A survey conducted between August 8 and 9It also shows that nearly half think Brexit “Not yet at the final stage”. to 49% of respondentsBrexit is still going on 30 % Consider the issue resolved.

Is Brexit a social issue rather than a political one?

Of course, parties Conservative And labor Both consider Brexit resolved. However, Labor has added a (small) nuance: they have indicated that they would like to Review some aspects of the withdrawal agreement, to establish closer trade relations with the European Union. No misplaced joy for EU supporters: nothing of both parties I would like to reopen the discussion on membership.

Beth Mann, YouGov’s policy analyst, said that after these new polls, it would be difficult to avoid another referendum. She adds: “Despite many Britons expressing regret, this poll shows there is no widespread preference for a new referendum in the short term.”

According to her, these significant differences may exist “Influencing the campaign before and beyond the next election”. She continues: “Our figures also suggest that today’s referendum will be in favor of Britain returning to the EU.”

Towards a gradual return from the United Kingdom to Europe?

YouGov If a referendum is held on this glorious return to the EU, approx 50% People may vote for Great Britain to return to the Union 30 % He said he would vote to keep the status quo outside the Union.

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Those who support a return to the EU are more likely to support holding a second referendum. Roughly 41% Voters who voted to remain in Europe in 2016 are in favor of holding a new referendum this year. 61% A fresh referendum must be held within the next five years 70% We hope to have a new referendum within the next decade.

Among Brexit supporters, approx 8% We hope to have a referendum this year. 16% It should take place within the next five years 20% Estimates to be arranged within the next ten years. A clear majority of Brexit supporters – one 63% – Considers that no referendum should be held in the next ten years.