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Vaccine passport in supermarkets: Renault Braille urges Quebec to back off

Vaccine passport in supermarkets: Renault Braille urges Quebec to back off

Like other major retailers, Renaud-Bray management says it is upset by Quebec City’s decision to extend vaccine passport control requirements to bookstores over 1,500 square meters and urges the government to exclude the book sector from the measure.

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In a press release, the company considered this action unfair and punishable to itself and to the residents of Quebec. The government has misjudged the effects of this policy. “It prefers small bookstores, whose commercial offer is restricted and limited,” Renaud-Bray Group President Blaise Renaud said Friday.

Many of Renaud-Bray’s branches cover an area of ​​more than 1,500 square metres. However, the company stresses that Renaud-Bray’s traffic statistics show that social distancing can easily be maintained in libraries.

“Our companies are responsible, they respect all health protocols in place since the beginning of the epidemic.” Overall, Renaud-Bray believes there is reason to question whether the latest procedures will have a real impact on the health care plan. And if so, whether the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages arising from restricted access to culture. In his eyes, the government had not made any convincing offer for this thing.

“We have no information on the duration of this measure. It is therefore impossible to assess the extent of the negative effects on the audience and players in the book series. We therefore urge the government to suspend this measure in the book sector,” says Blaise Reno.

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