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Vaccine pass approved, call for sponsorships from Djokovic, Gemmoor in Australia: information to remember this afternoon

Vaccine pass approved, call for sponsorships from Djokovic, Gemmoor in Australia: information to remember this afternoon

Information not to be missed

Delegates, at first reading, accepted the text Converts Health Pass into Vaccine Pass. The Senate review will not begin early next week. Adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 will not be late The vaccine is subject to approval “For school trips, as well as for all course and extracurricular activities”, but a health pass will be imposed on them. They must be vaccinated (or those who have recently recovered from Govt disease) to go to restaurants, cafes, movies or museums.

With regard to identity verification, it can take place “when there are serious reasons to believe that the document submitted is not genuine or related to the person presenting it”. In addition, there is no risk if those who have passed the wrong health pass are going to be vaccinated within 30 days of the law being declared. On the other hand, the bill provides for a fine of 500 1,500 for using a pass owned by others and up to five years in prison and a fine of ,000 75,000 for possession of a faulty pass.

What to remember

Novak Djokovic’s incredible adventure in Australia. With special recognition to participate in the open competition, The Number one in the world in tennis Entry was denied as its vaccine status was unknown. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned that Djokovic will not be “treated differently than others and will return home on the first flight” if the evidence to support the discount is “not enough”. He is now waiting in a secluded hotel for a response to his appeal. But he was suspended until the next hearing, Monday.

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Pierre Ménès was targeted by an investigation. It includes Sports Journalist Activities on Canal +, Facts condemned by journalist Mary Portolano a The documentary aired last March On the same channel. During an internal canal + investigation, according to BFMTV, seven people condemned the “sexual harassment” acts committed by Pierre Ménès, and labor inspector Nanterre sent a statement to the prosecutor’s office.

Zemmour 300 Announces Sponsorship Pledges. However, he will need 600 or 700 depending on his entourage. Identity candidate asks Rev. David Lisnard, patron saint of French mayors, Anonymizing the signatures of elected officials By creating a “pool of mayors”. Ever since Fran்கois Hollande decided to make public the names of the mayors who will be giving their signatures, he has denounced it as “an absolutely insane story of sponsorship”.

Information about yourself

ING France, it’s over. The bank has announced that it will close its retail banking operations in France and close thousands of non-functioning accounts aimed at selling its client portfolio. One Hand wrestling Then a commitment was made between the bank and its customers: the French Consumer Bank Association formed a “security partnership” and condemned the “unethical and illegal” practice because it would only give one month’s notice to close the ING account. Boursorama, which owns the Société Générale Group, and Fortuneo, a subsidiary of Credit Mutuel Arkéa, are the two online banks that have submitted firm offerings. Whatever happens, individuals need not worry: they will keep the money in their current accounts or savings books so that the Dutch bank does not go bankrupt.

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