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Vaccination: Some healthcare workers are still hesitant

Vaccination: Some healthcare workers are still hesitant

The entry into force of the compulsory vaccination of health workers on October 15 may limit services, especially in the Matabidia region of Bas Saint Laurent.

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According to information obtained by TVA Nouvelles, about a dozen employees of Amqui Hospital, mostly nurses, are not vaccinated in the obstetrics department.

Therefore, there are concerns about maintaining services after the date of entry into force of the measure, but the Center for Integrated Health and Social Services Bas Saint Laurent reassures.

More employees, however, expressed their refusal to vaccinate in the network in the Valle de la Matapedia, health authorities confirmed.

The top management of the health network is currently collecting information to get an accurate picture of staff vaccination, and the managers’ goal is to maintain the services fully.

“Maybe there are a few people on the Matabidia side, according to the preliminary data we have. However, before we see the impact on the entire services and see what it might have an impact on care, we will wait for the information,” explained Dr. Jean-Christophe Carvalho, Vice President Board of Directors and CEO, CISSS Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“Obviously, even if there are people who haven’t been vaccinated, what we will try to do is maintain services,” he continued.

Reorganizations can be made to maintain services once the full vaccination picture has been implemented.

“We want to work collaboratively with our staff, who are currently refusing to vaccinate, who we see can support and reassure us, and see what we can do,” Dr Carvalho added.

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Nearly 95% of employees have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to figures disclosed earlier this week during the CISSS Bas-Saint-Laurent board of directors.