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How much does your mayor earn?  |  Quebec Magazine

How much does your mayor earn? | Quebec Magazine

Newspaper Presents the second edition of the Special Report on the Salaries of Elected Municipal Officials in Quebec. Our survey office has collected data from 885 cities, municipalities, parishes and towns, for nearly 6,500 elected officials. This data is general, but it is often difficult to collect and analyze. In our next interactive tool, you can easily see how much mayors and councilors running for re-election earn (or not) next November.

Far from getting rich on the backs of taxpayers, many elected municipal officials, who ohWorking part time, accepting very little pay for their participation. In many villages, annual salaries of less than $5,000 are common, especially for chancellor positions.

Quebec even has at least one volunteer mayor, Lake Edward, who has given up his wages for the benefit of the community. Newspaper Here he lists some examples of elected officials among the lowest paid in the county.


  • The rewards for elected officials come from the 2020 financial statements that municipalities sent to the Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH) on August 27, 2021. The statements and people in office may have changed since then.
  • An asterisk next to the municipality’s name means that remunerations for elected officials include salaries and expense allowances from the municipality, but also those of a body delegated by the latter and/or a supra-municipal body (eg: MRC Régie public body of Transportation).
  • In other cases, it is impossible to determine whether the amount includes any remuneration other than that granted by the municipality.
  • The population data for the municipalities are those of MAMH.
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