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Usbek & Rica - In the US, Amazon wants to ban the words "justice" and "freedom" from its internal message

Usbek & Rica – In the US, Amazon wants to ban the words “justice” and “freedom” from its internal message

We would like to thank Jeff Bezos for going into space because when he was there, here, we were forming a union. It was with these contradictory words that a young worker named Christian Smalls Famous in front of the media, This Friday, April 1st, formed the first union within the giant Amazon in the United States. Around him, dozens of happy employees burst out in joy as they hugged each other. The show takes place in New York, where local warehouse workers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the brand new one. Amazon Workers Union (ALU) – According to the number broadcast online, 2,654 votes were “against” and 2,131 votes were “against”.

There is no “petition” or “living wage”

While Amazon leaders have not yet officially responded to the announcement, the confusing revelations were exposed by the online media a few days later. Interception, Provide a clear view of their condition. We learned that in recent months e-commerce has been working to create an internal messaging system that includes keywords specific to trade union rhetoric – ” Trade union “, But more” Salary increase “,” Petition “Or” Life pay – Simply blocked. The same rule applies to a set of rules ” Represents a potential critique of Amazon’s working conditions “. Long list written InterceptionWe’ll see the key words in particular. ” Completion “,” Torture “,” Justice “,” Freedom “Or” Robots “.

The project is pre-November 2021. At the time, special correspondent Ken Clipenstein said, “During a meeting with the company’s pundits,” Internal social networking This will allow employees to highlight the performance of their co-workers through a kind of “”. Bonus points “Baptism is playful” Scream-outs “. The purpose of the initiative? Make sure.” Cut clothes Thanks to the virtual badges that accompany “Workers … by increasing their productivity” Direct business value “, All in one frame” Compassion and positivity “According to Dave Clark, global head of Amazon’s consumer business, it’s inspired by the Pumble model of the dating processor, where transactions are fundamental.” Personal “(Facebook is more likely to switch” Forum “).

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“Automatic Forbidden Word Verification”

This meeting was followed by the creation of “Automatic Forbidden Word Verification”. As its name implies, it is a kind of digital blockchain that allows the program to automatically prevent employees from sending messages containing such or similar content. Beyond the words above, some whole sentences ” This is worrying Will be banned. In addition to this automation system, Amazon officials have the power to report or remove anything. ” Scream According to the documents obtained by, is considered inappropriate Interception.