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US regrets refusal to release ousted president’s family

US regrets refusal to release ousted president’s family

Anthony Blinken, the head of US diplomacy, told himself “stunned”, On Friday, August 11, military leaders in Niger refused to release “Sign of Goodwill”, Family of ousted President Mohammad Basoom. Since the July 26 coup, there have been growing fears about the health and detention conditions of President Bassum and his wife and 20-year-old son. According to one of his daughters, he said in an interview that the residences where the Nigerian president and his wife are staying no longer have water or electricity. Guardian. Follow our life.

Pro-military demonstration near France base. Thousands of supporters of the military seizure of power in Niger on Friday chanted their anger against France and the West African nation of ECOWAS. The latter provides for sending a force to retrieve President Mohamed Basoom. “Down with France, down with ECOWAS”, Demonstrators chanted during a peaceful rally near the French base in Niamey.

RReport of the ECOWAS Meeting. West African nations have postponed a key meeting that was planned to deploy an intervention force to rescue President Mohamed Bassum. The meeting, originally scheduled for Saturday in Accra (Ghana), has been postponed Sine die to “Technical Reasons”, According to regional military sources.

Cape Verde, a member of ECOWAS, stands out. Cape Verde opposes ECOWAS military action in Niger to oust rulers. “We must all work for the restoration of constitutional order in Niger, but at this time there is no military intervention or armed conflict”, said President José María Neves. He said his country was unlikely to participate in military intervention if ECOWAS decided to take action.

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Burkina Faso suspends radio station it deems pro-Burgina. Burkina Faso’s coup government has decided to suspend “Until Notice” Radio Omega was one of the most listened to in the country after airing an interview on Thursday “Cut off by insulting comments against new Nigerian officials”. The decision follows the broadcast of an interview with the spokesperson of a recently formed movement in Niger, which wants to reinstate President Mohamed Bassum.