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United Kingdom: Exploring Beachy Head Lighthouse, shaded by limestone cliffs

United Kingdom: Exploring Beachy Head Lighthouse, shaded by limestone cliffs


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France 2 – M.Bougault, L.Chevalier, C.Madini, L.Soudre, L.Bleuzen

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All week, 13 Heres takes you to discover the most beautiful lighthouses on the planet. On Friday August 11, there is a beachhead lighthouse on the southernmost point of England. Its construction 100 years ago was a real technical achievement.

High, at the base of the rocks Chalk of England, Lighthouse the beach the head It seems Small. However, it is 43 meters high. Completely isolated from the shore when high tides engulf the beach, observation is uninterrupted between storms. It is now fully automated.It’s great, it’s great to enjoy.”Says an English tourist.How difficult would it have been to build this lighthouse? We are very impressed.”Another tourist continues. Lighthouses inspire painters and writers. However, access to the most iconic lighthouse in Great Britain is not easy, especially due to the large rocks and especially due to the tide.

A difficult structure to build

A two-hour walk will give you a closer look at it, even if it’s inaccessible. No one has lived there for 40 yearsBecause the beacon is managed remotely. Its construction is not easy. A cable car must be installed towards a platform in the sea to bring materials and workers.The workers’ problem is that the tides rise and fall twice a day. They had to defend the base”Rob explains doorWriter.

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the beach the head It is the second lighthouse built in the area. Original, beautiful AllEast No service Since 1902. The building did not meet with the expected success due to erosion and insufficient lighting being too close to the cliff. Construction, a tea room, a physicist’s house or a BBC property. Today it is a tourist hostel.