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US primaries |  Haley beat Trump 6-0 in the midnight vote in Dixville Notch

US primaries | Haley beat Trump 6-0 in the midnight vote in Dixville Notch

(Dixville Notch) The six voters in Dixville Notch, a small village in the northeastern United States, began the New Hampshire Republican Party presidential primary at midnight by unanimously voting for Nikki Haley.

This village lost in the woods of New Hampshire, near the Canadian border, has perpetuated a tradition that has been in place since 1960, earning it the title of “First in the Nation.”

The midnight polling and counting took only about ten minutes, and ended with zero votes for front-runner Donald Trump (77) and six for Nikki Haley (52), his only remaining rival in the race for the Republican nomination.

Electoral laws in this small northeastern state allow municipalities with fewer than 100 residents to open their polling stations at midnight and be able to close them when all people on the electoral rolls have done their civic duty.

Most polls in New Hampshire will open between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. ET on Tuesday.

Photography by Faith Ninevagy, Reuters

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, January 23, 2024

In Dixville Notch, the proceedings took place in a relaxed atmosphere as an accordion player in a bright red shirt played the national anthem to begin voting, and dogs wandered around the voting center, sniffing people.

One by one, the six registered voters took their ballots from election officials sitting at the table and entered the voting booth before exiting to place them in the ballot box.

However, polls predicted a landslide victory for Donald Trump over Nikki Haley. At the state level, he leads her by about 20 points in opinion polls.

MI Haley, a former US ambassador to the United Nations, is the former president's only challenger after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrew this weekend.

Trump, backed by a solid base of passionate supporters, easily won the first primary on January 15 in Iowa. If he crushes his opponent at the polls in New Hampshire, it will be very difficult for the former South Carolina governor to recover.

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