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Le premier salon dédié à la science-fiction, à la fantasy et au fantastique de Vernon a eu lieu samedi.

Uri. First science fiction book fair in Vernon

Vernon’s first science fiction, fantasy, and fantasy show took place on Saturday. (© The Vernonnais Democrat)

For this movie premiere Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fantasy Gallery, fourteen Authors present responded.

between them, Cordelia, Headline: “I write books for 9-12 year olds with witches practicing witchcraft, but I also write more contemporary stories for young adults. Sometimes I touch on more difficult topics, but they always end well.”

Some of his books like Alana and baby vampire, studying at school. Her colleague Isabel Wenta writes space operas, these science fiction novels set in space, such as star Wars.

four categories

This is amazing literature The genre is more complex than it seems. Writer Ceryan Dau helps us see things more clearly :

Science fiction is concerned with what is happening in the near or distant future, and speculates on technological, human, and social developments. Fiction is fictional literature where magic reigns, so it has nothing to do with the real world. Fiction mostly focuses on vampires and werewolves. Finally, urban fantasy takes into account the fantasy-like or mythical creatures that inhabit today’s world.”

son Romanian Back to the fairies Almost dreamy: “I wrote it before Epidemic And I imagined that humans were confined to masks because the world was so polluted from over-exploitation planet by brutal liberalism; Suddenly the fairies ask: Do we get rid of the humans who have distorted the planet, or do we try to salvage the good that remains in them? “

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