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United States: Passenger tries to storm cabin

United States: Passenger tries to storm cabin

Witnesses said a passenger on a US domestic flight tried to get into the cockpit before being neutralized by another passenger and crew.

A Delta Air flight from Los Angeles-Nashville had to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the man was pulled from the plane with his hands and feet tied with plastic clips.

He had repeatedly shouted, “Stop this plane!” Struggling in front of the cabin entrance, according to a clip filmed on the phone on Friday.

A person aboard CNN testified to CNN that the man, “apparently without being provoked, got up suddenly and darted into the cockpit and started banging on the door.”

Another passenger described the scene as “terrifying” and praised the crew’s quick reaction.

The Albuquerque FBI confirmed on Twitter that it had intervened.

In a statement, Delta thanked the crew and passengers for the concern. “The plane landed without incident and the police removed the passenger from the plane,” the airline said.

The other travelers spent five hours in Albuquerque waiting for a flight to take them to Nashville.

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