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Heavy rain: a month that rains in a few hours

Heavy rain: a month that rains in a few hours

TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2021 11:13 AM – After heavy rain, major floods hit London and southern England. Within a few hours, 60 mm of rain accumulated on Monday, which equates to about a month of rain.

Streets and homes were flooded. Some citizens ended up having up to a meter of water in their homes. Nearly 120 people were moved to a hotel due to the severity of the flooding in some places.

Metro stations were also flooded.

The village of Putney, located on the southern outskirts of London, as well as Chepstead, in the north-east of Surrey, received more than 31 mm per hour.

Drier and warmer weather is expected in the coming days. So the situation can return to normal.

frequent floods

London is particularly vulnerable to flooding due to tidal surges and storms. The Thames Barrier, also the second largest against flooding, was placed downstream in London to prevent such flooding. The UK is known for its humid climate, especially in winter. The country frequently experiences extreme rainfall events.

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