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Meeting against Australia in August 2023?

Mary Mahe, Media 365, was released on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 10:40 AM.

A few weeks before France’s XV World Cup, a meeting could be played against Australia on August 2023.

The calendar of France XV now seems to have been refined. According to Australian media reports Fox Rugby, The French team can play a match against Australia on August 2023. A few weeks before the start of the World Cup in the same year. The upcoming match is between two choices who are currently on good terms. It was then a match to be played on the side of the State de France and two finals before their World Cup start. As a reminder, these two teams last met last summer.

France continues to tour Australia

At that time, the XV of France went to Australia as part of a summer tour. During this time three meetings took place. During the three matches, the Blues, defended by Fabian Calti, stopped this primary selection of rugby in the Southern Hemisphere. At the time, the record was two defeats (23-21, 33-30) and one win (26-28). From a historical point of view, the XV of France and Australia have already met 50 times, In all competitions, including two at the World Cup. For now, the Wolves have 29 wins in favor of the Wolves, 19 wins for the Blues and two draws.