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UK to donate 100 million doses of Govt vaccine to countries in need

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday ahead of the G-7 summit in the United Kingdom that the UK will donate at least $ 100 million to the next year’s COV-19 vaccine for poor countries. At this point world leaders are anticipating current plans to vaccinate the planet by the end of 2022.

Key facts

  • Boris Johnson a Announced The ‘success’ of the UK vaccination program means that the country can provide additional doses ‘for those who need them’.
  • The 30 million dose will be administered by the end of this year, including five million by the end of September.
  • About 80% of the doses will be distributed as part of Kovacs’ vaccine-sharing effort, Boris Johnson told the BBC, subject to agreements with the remaining fifth individual countries.
  • Boris Johnson has asked his G-7 colleagues – who are expected to announce a donation of one billion doses in the coming days – to make similar promises.
  • The United States has already announced its intention to donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer-BioTech vaccine.


Rich countries are increasingly criticized for building up stocks of vaccines and vaccinating those at low risk, while poor countries are unable to vaccinate those at high risk from Govt-19. This inequality provokes moral outrage within the international community, especially due to the persistent opposition of many rich countries to the removal of intellectual property restrictions on Covid-related products, but also practical concerns for their own benefit. Control elsewhere if not subject to infection. The delta variant, first identified in India, is now the dominant form of the virus in the UK, and it is believed to be more contagious than the modified alpha strain. It seems to be less limited by the vaccines used and as long as the Covit-19 travels elsewhere in the world it can adapt and develop new strains, which can still pose a risk to vaccinated people.

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Important review

Joe Biden’s decision to donate 500 million doses was praised, but treated with skepticism. Nico Luciani, an activist at Oxfam America, described it as “a drop in the ocean compared to the needs of the world”. Some British politicians echoed this line after the announcement by Boris Johnson, MP. Layla Moran said “it does not reflect the moral urgency of the situation we face.”

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Robert Hart

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