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New York attracts tourists, mostly Latin Americans, with free vaccinations

New York attracts tourists, mostly Latin Americans, with free vaccinations

Some US cities have easy access to the vaccine to attract tourists again. In New York, many people, mainly from South America, come on holiday for a few days to get a dose.

In the lobby of Grand Central Station, Diego and Catalina line up in front of the vaccination site set up by New York City. Both of these Colombians came directly from Bogota, especially for vaccination. ” We wanted to get vaccinated quickly. So it was easy to come to New York and do it », Explains the young woman on the microphone Labna Anaki, Our correspondent. ” Yes for young people, coming to America is easy. In Colombia, we will have to wait until 2022 », Adds his companion. In Colombia, according to some sources, the epidemic has pushed 42% of the population into poverty.

Like Diego and Catalina, more and more South Americans who can afford it choose this option to get vaccinated quickly and hope to start a normal life again.

In Danny O’Farrell, he came with his friends from Mexico. ” Vaccination is now more complicated in Mexico. I am so relaxed because now I can see my grandmother and hug her. This is very good ! Already in the spring, the southern states of the United States, Texas, Nevada, and Florida, have all opened up to vaccination without any restrictions, and the wealthy Mexican people have taken advantage of it.

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No more than 10 million tourists this summer

A vaccine tour does not hesitate to promote New York by using it as an argument on social networks. The city recently released a video with the caption: ” Come to New York, your vaccine is waiting. »

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Like the locals, the vaccines are free for tourists. The “big apple” is a way to revive the tourism sector that has been hit hard by the epidemic.

In 2019, New York attracted more than 66 million visitors. According to City Hall estimates, they should not exceed 10 million this summer.

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