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Interview. Theo Le Call Bayox leaves FC and returns to the United States

Theo Le Call Bayox leaves FC and returns to the United States. (© Renaissance Le Pacin)

Theo la Calve Leave him alone Bayox FC Go back United States. At Biola University in California, the young player is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. Interview.

News: Theo, so you are leaving Bayox FC to join the United States. For what reasons? Are you missing out on a life you knew there?

Theo Le Galway: First of all, I would like to thank Bayoux FC for welcoming me this year despite having a season that ended quickly. It’s hard to deny the opportunity I got, I miss the life of a student-athlete. So I will get back to this position, which will allow me to train every day and play matches every three days, but to continue my studies. What is important to me.

From a human point of view as an athlete, what did living in the United States bring you? How did your previous stay enrich you?

DLC: From a human point of view as an athlete, living in the United States made me grow. I was able to gain significant maturity on and off the field. I stepped out of my comfort zone and it made me cringe. From a sports perspective, I was able to develop my leadership. I also saw improvement in tactical and physical.

Can you tell us about Biola University, the university you are going to study at? Located in California, this decor looks majestic …

DLC: As I can mention, it’s hard to refuse because of the scholarships I get for two seasons, but the location of the university and the beautiful California beaches are located twenty-five minutes from Los Angeles. What a dream! Between August and November, we are going to play 20 games in Hawaii, including three. Great for a trip to play football! The school has facilities like a professional club. In addition to our workouts we have the opportunity each day to access the weight room, physiotherapy treatments, and cold baths. There, sports success is calculated just like academics. Everything is in place to thrive on the field and in the classroom.

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What studies are you going to do there? Is the idea of ​​professionally signing in the US still on the back of your mind?

DLC: This year, I was studying for a bachelor’s degree in sports management. Next year, I will be pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Biola, with a recognized diploma in France. This will allow me to get a sports based diploma and something more general. The idea of ​​having to sign professionally in the United States is in the back of my mind. The more time we progress, the more it closes, but I have no limit. There is purpose. I have a year and a half to spend at university. We will see if there are opportunities, but in any case, I will leave with a Bac + 5, which will help my future.