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Trump was crowned the biggest winner of Super Tuesday among Republicans

Trump was crowned the biggest winner of Super Tuesday among Republicans

Donald Trump is almost certain of a rematch with Joe Biden in the US presidential elections after his triumphant victory in the “Super Tuesday” primary elections over his latest Republican rival, Nikki Haley.

Former President Trump (2017-2021), the nominee for the November election, won nearly every state — 14 out of 15 — on Tuesday during this big Election Day. Among them are California, North Carolina, Texas and Alaska.

Donald Trump, among his supporters gathered at his luxurious residence in Florida, praised the “wonderful evening and amazing day.”

He did not once mention Nikki Haley, the latest Republican to stand in his way for his party's nomination, and devoted all of his attacks to his potential presidential rival, current President Joe Biden.

But the fifty-year-old deprived Donald Trump (77 years old) of one of the four major championships by winning the sparsely populated state of Vermont, which borders Canada.

“Destroying our democracy”

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden (81 years old) is seeking to win a second term and does not face any serious opposition.

Unsurprisingly, he won all the states that were at stake for his party on Tuesday, conceding an unexpected defeat to an unknown in American Samoa, a territory in the Pacific Ocean.

As he also set off toward an expected duel with Donald Trump, Joe Biden stressed that his rival is “determined to destroy our democracy,” accusing him of being “focused on his revenge and retaliation, not on the American people.”

The 2020 rematch, which does not arouse the interest of Americans according to opinion polls, is almost certain, even if the Republican race is not officially over.

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Since January 15, despite his legal troubles, Donald Trump has won almost all of his party's primaries.

Nikki Haley, Trump's former ambassador to the United Nations, presents a candidate capable of restoring “normalcy” in the face of “Trump's chaos.” But most Republican voters are turning a deaf ear to his appeal.

Will she stay in the race after her bad results?

The candidate did not speak on Tuesday evening, raising speculation about her future.

But his campaign team said in a statement that there was still “a significant number of Republican voters expressing deep concerns about Donald Trump.”

“last stop”

At the ceremony, which was organized at Mr. Trump's home in Florida, there was no doubt about the latter's final victory.

In the Mar-a-Lago Ballroom, under huge chandeliers and gold decorations, many guests proudly displayed their red “Make America Great Again” hats.

“I expect Nikki Haley will withdraw from the election,” said Kenny Neal, head of a local Republican Party chapter. “President Trump will be the last one standing in the Republican primaries.”

In theory, the primaries could extend into the summer. But Trump's team intends to declare victory “on March 19” at the latest, after two votes, especially in Georgia and Florida.

Biden faces the Americans on Thursday

Donald Trump wants to be able to focus as quickly as possible on his duel with President Biden, before he gets swept up in his legal meetings.

His first criminal trial will begin on March 25 in New York.

Donald Trump claims to be “more popular” since he was criminally indicted four times, but several polls show that support for his candidacy would collapse dramatically if he is convicted in one of his criminal cases.

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Joe Biden, who is struggling in the polls, will defend his record and unveil his vision for America on Thursday during his traditional State of the Union address to Congress.

Political scientist Wendy Schiller said that the outgoing president “must seize this last opportunity to address millions of Americans to present the contradiction between his vision and what life will be like under Donald Trump.”

Brilliant outsider defeats Biden in American Samoa

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