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Trump thanks mob killer

Trump thanks mob killer

In a message posted on Truth Social two days before the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump thanked Sammy (The Bull) Gravano, who claimed responsibility for 19 murders in his testimony that precipitated the downfall of New York's Gambino mafia clan. In a recent interview, Gravano confirmed that he tried to reach out to Trump during his Mafia career, but “didn't want to bite him.” In other words, the real estate developer was incorruptible. Killer word!

“Thank you, Sammy Al-Taurus. I hope that Judges Engoron and Kaplan will look into this matter. We need justice, strength and honesty in our courts in New York. We do not have them now!”, denounced the leader of the race for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

This is undoubtedly the first time that Trump has thanked a “rat,” meaning an individual who turned around and cooperated with justice.

(Image ABC)