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Transgender student wins final round of toilet fight

Transgender student wins final round of toilet fight

The US Supreme Court on Monday delivered a decisive victory to a transgender student who fought for years to use the men’s restroom at his high school.

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The highest US court has refused to hear an appeal by Virginia school authorities against allowing transgender teens to use bathrooms that reflect their identity.

According to custom, she did not justify her choice, but two of her nine sages – conservatives – determined that they would have accepted the appeal.

The ruling leaves into effect the ruling that the Federal Court of Appeals handed down last summer in favor of Gavin Grimm, who was born a female but identifies as a man. The court ruled that his high school violated anti-discrimination measures by not allowing him access to boys’ toilets.

The now 22-year-old, who began his legal battle at the age of 15, replied: “I’m glad my fight for recognition of my identity is over after all these years.”

“Transgender youth deserve to be able to use the toilet in peace, without being humiliated and stigmatized by their schools and elected officials,” he added in a statement.

Transgender people are a very small minority in the United States, but their rights are the subject of fierce political battles and the “toilet fight” has been one of the most important episodes in recent years.

Democrat Barack Obama’s government, in a prospectus, has asked public schools to allow their students to use restrooms and gym locker rooms according to the gender they have specified. The administration of Republican Donald Trump repealed these directives in February 2017.

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More recently, conservative attacks have shifted toward access to stadiums for transgender athletes and medical care for transgender minors.